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How it works

Unlike many online services, we design and build online forms of all types and sizes

so that you can spend time on your business

Groupsend is as easy as one, two, three

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1. Tell us what you need

What do you need your form to do or collect? If you have an existing paper, email or industry form, you can upload it and we will build a new, online version for you. Or if you need a completely new form we can design and build that too.

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2. Review what we come up with

Once we’ve built your form, you will get to check it and, if necessary, we will make any amendments you want. We will then make sure it works seamlessly on phones, tablets and computers.

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3. Start using your new form

Share your new form with customers or employees with either an email, a text, a QR Code or simply put a link to it on your website.

Get Started in under a minute

Tell us what you need in two sentences

and we will create a template and reports for you.

No commitment or obligation.

Why choose us?

We are not self-service.

Unlike other online form websites, we do the design and build for you
so you have more time to run your business.

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Focus on client experience

Make it easy for your customers to provide the information you need online.

Pre-fill forms with information you already have such as name and address. Everything is accessible and our forms can be completed for clients to review and confirm. Forms can be saved when part filled-in and returned to later on. Minimise repetition and make completing forms quick and easy.

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Keep calmly in control

Returned forms need to be filed, updated and be available whenever and wherever you need. Our forms come with processes to do all that for you and we'll add whatever is needed to make things work in your organisation. We can set up printing and reporting options for you. If you need the data transferred to another system, we can do that too.

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Get rid of the spreadsheets!

Collating incoming forms into spreadsheets is no small job. We will create reports that can be organised in different ways for different people. For example, if you wanted us to produce a form to help you organise an event, we would create separate reports for your caterers, activity organisers and emergency coordinator. A job you no longer need to do yourself!

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Save time and brain space

It takes time to create forms, so our experts do it for you. Wording, layouts and reports are all customised for you, by us.

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Giving you back time to focus on your business

Send us your existing forms (even photos of paper forms), or refer us to a standard business form you want to use. We'll take it from there.

We'll create an online form that will work on phones, tablets and computers. Our forms include several ways for you to send them to your clients (links, email templates and QR Code posters). You will be able to search, update and process the incoming files. There are also printing options and reports to help you operationally. If you need the data transferred to another system, talk to us about setting up an "integration" once your forms are up and running.

  • We create the online forms so you don't have to learn a new technology.
  • Modernise your business with high quality forms and processes.
  • Keep organised with good filing, printing options and reports.
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Improve your clients' experience

Increase your return rate and create the right impression by giving your clients easy to complete forms. Our methods will help avoid repetition and make forms as quick, simple and accessible as possible.

Take care of all of your clients. If you have clients who are elderly or have accessibility issues, you can pre-fill forms or complete the form for them when you or a colleague meets with them. They will be sent a notification and details of the information you have recorded, along with options to make changes or complete missing information if necessary. This is also a great option for high value clients or complex forms. Pre-fill with the information you already have, so they can review, amend and confirm.

  • Very simple, easy to complete and accessible.
  • Minimal repetition (update existing forms or copy from other forms at the touch of a button).
  • Prefill forms where appropriate.
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Peace of mind with our built-in data privacy and security

In line with data regulations, your clients can complete, decline, or withdraw a form as well as update its contents. You will be notified of all updates and an audit trail is kept so you can easily see what has been changed. Data is stored securely behind encrypted passwords and firewalls.

You decide which colleagues will be able to access the data. Can they see the reports or see individual forms? Are they permitted to edit the contents of the forms?

  • Data privacy for your clients with options to view, update and delete their information.
  • Secure data encryption and storage.
  • Share the workload with colleagues whilst controlling who can do what.
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Send us your forms, risk free

Get started with no fees or obligation.

Tell us what you need

Much more than just forms

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Free up your time

Delegate the creation of forms, processes and reports to us.

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Improve your form return rate

With easy forms that work on phones, tablets and computers.

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Save your client's time

Avoid repetition and speed up completion times.

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Full data privacy options

Allow clients to complete, decline, withdraw and amend forms.

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Improve security

All your data will be stored behind encrypted passwords on secure servers.

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Complete forms on behalf of clients with accessibility concerns whilst maintaining data privacy.

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Keep an audit trail

So you know who has changed what and when.

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Give access to colleagues

Decide who can work with the forms and what level of access they should have.

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Keep organised

Find and display forms in seconds. Get notified of client updates as they make them.

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Integrate with other systems

If you copy form data to other systems, talk to us about a systems integration.

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Awesome support

We're here to work for you! Ready to create forms, make changes and provide help.

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Full refund

Not happy with our service? We will refund up to two months' subscription fees.