A little about us

It's great to have you visit our site 🙂

Groupsend originated from a voluntary group in the UK. We needed quicker ways to get consent for activities, and we wanted to spend less time collating the output. Of course, there are plenty of online services already, but none of which worked well for our needs.


So we wrote our own thing. It’s great. The form types are very simple to produce and fill in, and the reports are super useful.

Please, don’t forget YOU MUST give us your feedback 🙂 What do we need to add or change? We can’t wait to hear from you.


Contact us through the email addresses shown on our “Contact Us” page.


We’re moving fast, so watch this space.

Frequently Asked Question?!

No problem! It usually takes us 2-3 days to complete custom changes. If it is not too “out there” we reserve the right to provide the additions to all or some of our members so more people get the benefit 🙂

Of course. Our refund policy will reimburse payments for up 2 two months if the service has not been used. If you have had technical problems and are unhappy, we will refund up to three months. 

By far the best way is to assign additional managers when the service is set up. If you have not done that, we recommend you ask your technical team accesses to previous account holders emails email account, resets their Groupsend password using the “forgotten my password” method and then changes the access to your email account. 

Failing that, we can help if we can validate that you work for the same organisation as the original person. If we can not satisfy this proof, we can not compromise the privacy of those who have completed the forms and you will not be given access.

Unfortunately not. As you send out the invitations, we do not know who you have invited. 

You will get notifications when people complete the forms, so you will have to check-off your list to see who you will need to remind.

Our forms are super-easy to complete, so most people have a high completion rate.

Yes. It just like sending out an email as you normally would. Just include the templated text, or write your own email and add in the link provided by Groupsend.

Oh yes. And any other social media, or put the form link on to your website… especially useful for Gift Aid and event forms.