Offload creating and processing forms to us

Our experts do much more than put your form online

We take each plain form and give it a new lease of life with some simple processes and reports. We make forms do soooo much more.

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Improve the way your send out forms

Use our inbuilt form sender (which can send reminders too!), use our email templates or generate a QR poster for your window.

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No searching through files or paperwork

Forms are easy to find and are clearly organised so you can find them at a glance.

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Serve your clients better

Pre-complete or change forms for clients whilst keeping them informed of the data you hold about them.

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Incease return rates

Because clients complete forms on their phones immediately, and there are options for automatic reminders.

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Produce up to date reports

Reduce the use of spreadsheets with real-time reports.

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Keep and audit trail

See who changed what and when with a complete timeline.

Save time

And not just your own time!

Focus on more productive work, by deligating and automating more.

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Free up your time

Delegate the creation of forms, processes and reports to us.

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Save your client's time

Avoid repetition and speed up completion times.

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Send out forms fast

Just enter their email address, and appointment date (if that's how you work) and it's done!

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Find forms in a jiffy

Super simple, quick, accurate searching will allow you to pull up a form in seconds.

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Resend in one click

If a client asks for the form again... no problem.

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Keep organised

Find and display forms in seconds. Get notified of client updates as they make them.

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Give access to colleagues

Decide who can work with the forms and what level of access they should have.

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Integrate with other systems

If you copy form data to other systems, talk to us about a systems integration.

Protect data privacy and security

Our forms have privacy and security built in

It can take a lot of work to ensure your are conforming to best-practice and legistation. Let us do some of that for you.

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Full data privacy options

Allow clients to complete, decline, withdraw and amend forms.

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Improve security

All your data will be stored behind encrypted passwords on secure servers.

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Produce any required documents with ease

Think "track and trace" reports, or Gift Aid declarations. If you need them, tell us and we will add a report for you.