Simple, flexible and commitment free.

No credit card needed for the free period. No contacts.


Charity and Community

£3 /mo

For registered charities and community groups

Billed £36 annually

First month free

Gift Aid forms and reports created for you

5 additional form templates

Free setup and customisation

Audit trail

Get started for free

Use our templates, send in your own, or send your industry standard forms for us to digitise.



£9 /mo

Mobile friendly online forms

Free setup and customisation

Up to 3 form templates

Email reminders

Simple but effective reporting

Get started for free

Use our templates, send in your own, or send your industry standard forms for us to digitise.



£15 /mo

Typically more than two or three pages

Long forms

Client photo uploads

Attached files

Custom output reports and spreadsheets

Get started for free

Talk us through your needs. Send us your existing forms or ideas and we'll work on a plan.

Add-On Options



£1.20 /mo

⅔ discount for Community and Charity subscribres

Pre-complete or partially complete forms.

Use for high-value clients

Or those with accessibility issues



£9 /mo

⅔ discount for Community and Charity subscribres

First month free

Decide who sees what and we'll manage the security for you

We will set up any system of sign-off's and approvals for incoming forms

Full audit trail



7p per text

Buy 150 at a time

No "use by" or expiry date

Choose which clients receive SMS texts reminding them to complete, review or approve forms.

For appointment reminders, talk to us about our scheduling add-on.

See our blog

Text messages have a huge cut-through and clients respond well to them.



£9 /mo

⅔ discount for Community and Charity subscribres

Your own branding, fonts, and colour scheme

Use your own web address

Rewording of all messaging as appropriate

A discrete "powered by Groupsend" message will be shown.

Our policies and terms may be required to remain by law depending on jurisdictions and locality.

All prices subject to sales tax.


Answers to some important questions

I have some clients who will not be able to complete an online form. What should I do?

You can create, complete and amend forms on behalf of clients. If they have email, they will get a notification allowing them to see the information you have entered or changed on their behalf. Alternatively, there is quick print option so you can give or send a copy to your client.

Best Practice: You should have a procedure stating when and what you can do for your clients. We will soon be releasing a blog post with some suggestions on how you could approach this.

So, I can ask you to create any form templates at any time?

In most cases, yes. Some plans have limits but if you are a business subscriber you can request new form templates at any time and we will set them up for you.

Please note: Other online services are better suited to quizzes and surveys (when you want to aggregate the opinions of lots of people). Get in touch and we'll point you at some ideas for better ways to do these

What happens if I don't like the online form you produce?

Just let us know. There are technical limits within our framework that we may not be able to overcome, and we must adhere to our privacy and security policies, but in most cases we can make forms that work well and you are happy with. If we can’t do it, you can cancel your subscription with us and claim back previous payments in line with our refunds policy.

How long can a form be?

There is no technical limit, but as people like to complete and review their forms on phones and tablets, and to avoid lots of scrolling and clicking, we suggest a limit of 10 pages. If there is a lot of text and policy information on your form, we will recommend that we use links to pages on your website rather than putting everything in the form.

Of course, the final decision is always yours.

Do I have to retype the form data into a spreadsheet or other systems?

In the first instance yes, although cutting and pasting from online forms can be much quicker than retyping paper forms. Depending on the other systems you have, you may want to talk to us about integrating a data feed from our databases into your own IT systems.

Who owns the rights to the forms?

We maintain our low costs by sharing elements, in full or in part, between one form template and another.

If you own the copyright to your form and want to assert protection of the form, you should inform us by email. We will mark each element so we will not copy it into another form.

However, there is often a lot of similarity between form templates sent to us, so you may find that elements appear in other places already. We take no responsibility or accept any liability if this is found to be the case. If you can not accept this, then please do not use our service :(

How long do new forms and changes take?

It usually takes us 2-3 days to complete custom changes. If it is not too “out there” we reserve the right to provide the additions to all or some of our members so more people get the benefit 🙂

Either way, we will let you know our current waiting times when we receive your request.

Will I be able to get a refund?

Of course. Our refund policy will reimburse payments for up to two months if the service has not been used. If you have had technical problems and are unhappy, we will refund up to three months. If you ask for a form that we can not create and it is the not the only form you have listed with us, we will reimburse 1 months subscription to a maximum of twice a year.

What happens if the person managing our forms with Groupsend leaves our organisation. Can you transfer ownership to someone else?

By far the best way is to assign additional managers when the service is set up. If you have not done that, we recommend you ask your technical team to access the previous account holders email and for them to reset the Groupsend password using the “forgotten my password” method. Once that is done, they will be able to change the account and give you access.

Failing that, we can help if we can validate that you work for the same organisation as the original person. If we can not satisfy this proof, we can not compromise the privacy of those who have completed the forms and you will not be given access.

Can Groupsend send reminders to those who have not yet completed my forms?

Unfortunately not. As you send out the invitations, we do not know who you have invited.

You will get notifications when people complete the forms, so you will have to check-off your list to see who you will need to remind.

Our forms are super-easy to complete, so most people have a high completion rate.

We use a CRM system (or other software) to contact people. Do your forms integrate with that?

Yes. It's just like sending out an email as you normally would. Just include the template text, or write your own email and add in the link provided by Groupsend.

Can I send out form invites on Facebook?

Oh yes! And any other social media, or put the form link on to your website… especially useful for Gift Aid and event forms.